Above is the home and one of the individual book page designs.  My goal of not just the website, but of the books in general, was to create a product that would act as a tool for busy parents to help make reading to their children more enjoyable. I want the website to express this and that was the main focus on the home page along with easy to get to call to action buttons for purchase. Below I wanted an author page that tied into the rest of the site and gave a good feel for me as both author and parent. I created a fully responsive site.
Planning a great user experience is the first step that leads to a successful site design. I began by doing a lot of research and drawing out thumbnail sketches based on my research and brainstorming. I switched over to Adobe Xd to create a mockup and prototype and work out the design before building the final site in Adobe Muse.
UX/UI Design | Art Direction | Web Design | Marketing
Adobe Xd | Illustrator | Photoshop | Muse 
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