Brand Guide
I was tasked with updating and redesigning our current brand guide. I took additional steps of focusing in on our target audience and creating personas for each. The challenge is we have a target audience of those who work for credit unions and a second target audience of prospective consumer credit union members and non-members. Above is the complete brand guide I designed using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Below are three examples where I was able to use both my design skill-set and strategic thinking in establishing a visual brand.
Social Media
Below are samples of social media post I designed for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Print Design
Below are sample pages from printed booklets that we used as a leave behind after meeting with prospective partners. I produced the booklets using Adobe InDesign and used Illustrator and Photoshop when needed.
Direct Mail & Email Design
Below is campaign I designed using direct mail letter and post cards and emails to market to our target audience.
Adding Some Motion...Graphics
Sometimes the best way to explain a concept is through motion design. I created an animated video in Adobe After Effect to better explain our workflow process to credit unions to help them get a better idea on how our streamlined process can provide them in creating a better auto loan refinancing business for their customers. Below I show my sketched out storyboards, some of the vector artwork I created to help tell the story, and the final explainer style video which follows the original sketches.
Visual Step-By-Step
In order to help explain our process better to credit unions, we sent out custom iPads that were pre-loaded with explainer videos in hopes of leading to more face-to-face meetings. As part of the overall user experience, we needed to make sure anyone receiving one of our iPads would be able to get to the point of playing the first video with as little confusion as possible. I designed a step-by-step guide, using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, to help make the overall user experience more enjoyable and easy.  
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